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Ancestor Healing Center provides services not available outside of Native American Communities. Lipan Apache Jorge Peña is a known healer and predictor of destiny, fate and current circumstances using traditional Apache methods such as water gazing, reading of bones, and dream interpretation to help people follow a safe road with the knowledge of "knowing" where their life is headed in health, love, and career these services are known among our friends as psychic reading. In addition, Jorge taught by his grandmother, also heals body ailments using Apache  methods that far predate traditional Asian Reiki. Come and experience a true Native American healing or reading with a true Apache healer. 

Native American, Shaman

Jorge Peña is a traditional Lipan Apache Healer and seer. Born with this gift his Grandmother, Aurora Of The Heron, honed and raised his vail in order to help all people regardless of race or religious backgrounds. Reading of Animal Bones, Water Gazing, Sleep Interpretation, "Shamanic" Healing, Tarot Reading (taught to Jorge by a Gypsy), removal of bad spirits in body and home and All Life Ceremonies such as Weddings and Funerals are provided by Jorge.   

Native American Healing Ceremony

All services provided at our Center are done in a Native American Spiritual manner. You will receive a true Apache reading with whatever method you choose such as Bone Reading, Water Gazing, Tarot Reading and Dream Interpretation. 

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For questions or requests for customized tarot readings, funeral arrangements, wedding officiant arrangements psychic reading or home purifying arrangements please send me a message or call me at 319-202-1509. I will get back to you soon.

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